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Diesel and Gas Engine Repair in Gulfport, Florida

Our engine repair company in Gulfport, Florida, has certified technicians who offer professional diesel and gas engine repair.
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Volvo Penta™

Volvo Penta
Fischer Penta
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We are a Rapid Response™ dealer for Volvo Penta, which means we can be reached after hours as well. Rapid Response is for emergencies, and available for customers under warranty only.

Having your boat serviced by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer gives you peace of mind knowing it is not just a service, but a complete checkup. On EDC/EVC diesel engines and EGC/EVC gas catalyst engines, we hook up our diagnostic computer to make sure everything is operating properly. We do everything in our power to keep your boating experience trouble free.

Since 1994, we not only do service on both diesel and gas Volvo Penta engines, but we also handle all of the warranty issues along with the 2 + 4 Volvo Penta extended warranty repairs and claims.

Monthly Maintenance Plans Available

We also offer monthly maintenance plans. Starting at $105, our technicians travel to your boat's location to perform a checkup on your engine to check for potential problems and to keep your engines running properly.

If problems arise and repairs are needed, our technicians usually make the necessary repairs on-site.
Other Services Include:

• Rebuilding Injectors
• Rebuilding Volvo Penta Engines
• Rebuilding All Volvo Penta Drives
• Selling New Engines and Install for Repower

In addition to sales, repair, and maintenance of Volvos, we also work with Crusaders Gas Engines and Vetus™.

Standard of Service Excellence

Rapid Response keeps your diesel going so it's always ready, and always prepared. Volvo Penta is as committed to boating as you are. That's why we're setting a new standard of service excellence, utilizing a state-of-the-art approach that blends the very best professional marine dealers with Volvo Action Service™ (VAS) and Volvo Penta's new in-house technical capabilities. This service must be within the first two years of the warranty.

No matter where you go, as long as you have your membership card and a phone, you'll always have a pit crew standing by. We're the only marine manufacturer to offer this exclusive service, and membership is provided automatically to all Volvo Penta diesel owners.

Whether you need a tow, part, or a mechanic, the coordinator will make all the arrangements for you. The dealer will investigate and assess the situation within 24 hours.

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